Technology key to needed diversification

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Job growth in Tauranga, led by horticulture, tends to be at the higher end of skill sets, according to Priority One.

That is one of the key sectors that are performing well, Priority One chief executive Nigel Tutt notes in the recent annual report.

“Our economy is being seen in an increasingly positive light to domestic and international businesses and talent alike, which in turn helps our businesses to attract the right people,” he says.

“However, while we are in a good position now, we must recognise that it is important to continue to diversify our economy so that we have ongoing and sustainable strength in
the future.”

Bay of Plenty Regional Council chair Doug Leeder said by the nature of its geography, New Zealand’s export sector had always been very much primary industry focused.

“If we look at the problems Fonterra has faced over the last few years with its up and down commodity cycles, there has to be a move towards more value add and away from

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