Super Yacht Coatings’ crucial role in Precinct services

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A key element in the Marine Precinct’s development has been the commitment of Super Yacht Coatings and the major vessel projects it has already brought to the site. And the company’s presence is likely to become even more crucial with the long-awaited launch this month of the construction of their massive 1300 sqm paint shed on the approximately 2400 sqm site.

Created by Bay of Plenty boys Regan Woodward and Mark Hanna, Super Yacht Coatings established a worldwide reputation for its superyacht finishing while based in Auckland.

The company signalled early in the planning of the Marine Precinct that it was keen to relocate major operations to the Bay as part of its overall business expansion. It currently has around 45 staff split between the Bay and Auckland.

Phil Wardale, manager of TCC-owned Vessel Works, which runs the hardstand and travel lift, said the precinct’s planners always knew that securing a good painter to the site would be key to its success.

“And they are very good,” said Wardale. “When council selected them as a successful tenderer on the site and brought forward that area into stage one, the council knew it was going to be a benefit to the precinct.”

Woodward and Hanna have a combined 35-plus years’ experience and an international reputation that has helped draw clients to the Precinct and in turn has generated spin-off work for the many high quality marine service providers working both on and off site.

Hitting the sweet spot

The new facility will allow the company to hit its “sweet spot” of providing top quality refits to superyachts in the 30m to 50m range, said general manager Ben Steele.

But it will also be handling smaller and some larger yachts, depending on tonnage, he said.

He added that Vessel Works was working on improving the on-water refit wharf, which could bring large superyachts and megayachts to Tauranga to complete their refits.

“This would be huge for the region,” said Steele.

A major goal was reached this month with the formal beginning of foundation work for the shed, which Steele said will include full, protected, spray and refit facilities as well as office space.

Super Yacht Coatings, which has been operating out of a rented shed nearby, as well as on wrapped vessels on the hardstand itself, ran into a few challenges getting their Building Consent, which was finally approved last year.

It is understood the delays were largely because council had not previously had to approve a spray paint shed on such a large scale and wanted to ensure that all potential environmental and safety issues were properly addressed in the build.

“There have been a few teething problems and stumbling blocks,” said Steele. But the company has still been involved in completing several major projects over the past year, he said.

And now that the consent issues have been cleared up, Super Yacht Coatings was now in a position to begin heavily promoting its services.

Steele noted that Super Yacht Coatings was proud to have helped draw to the Precinct revenue in the millions of dollars for specialist local marine companies, that would otherwise have gone to other regions.

“The precinct is a great facility and we really enjoy being a part of it,” said Steele. “Since the beginning of this year we’ve already noticed momentum building up.”

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