PMG closes investment offer in Bethlehem Town Centre

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Hundreds of Bay locals now own a slice of their own backyard.

Over 2000 new investors, including many Bay of Plenty residents, have jumped at the chance to own a share of Bethlehem Town Centre.

Unlisted commercial property funds manager PMG Property Funds Management Limited (PMG) has now closed its latest offer in its PMG Generation Fund. Funds raised will help buy the high-profile Bethlehem Town Centre for $107.6m* alongside an industrial property at 11-13 Gough Street in Seaview, Wellington. Conservative bank borrowings will fund the remaining purchase price.

PMG Chief Executive Officer Scott McKenzie says it’s a privilege to be the new owner and custodian of Bethlehem Town Centre as it’s a vital community hub. “We are looking forward to enhancing the value of Bethlehem Town Centre and further building its reputation as the shopping destination of choice in this region.”

McKenzie says the ongoing low interest rate environment, coupled with headwinds in residential property investment, is generating a high level of interest in commercial property from a wide range of individuals.

In a first, PMG partnered with online investment platform Sharesies and InvestNow to bring this offer to market, which has resulted in over 1,850 new investors joining through these investment platforms.

“At PMG, we’re passionate about creating value and security for people in property, helping New Zealanders achieve financial freedom. We have great respect for the innovative work Sharesies have done to simplify the investment landscape and build financial literacy and we’re delighted to expand our reach and partner with them as part of this latest offer to market.

“Investment in unlisted commercial real estate is sometimes seen as out of reach for many New Zealanders. Through Sharesies and InvestNow we are able to help people overcome some of those barriers to invest in commercial property and make it easier for everyday Kiwis to participate.”

The new acquisitions bring the total portfolio value of PMG’s Generation Fund to an estimated $166m*. The Fund comprises five quality commercial properties located within main metropolitan centres across New Zealand and is underpinned by notable tenants, some of which are classed as essential services and provide further confidence around the Fund’s income resilience for investors.

McKenzie believes the strong uptake from both new and existing investors – in one of New Zealand’s largest directly-held and unlisted commercial property funds – is a reflection of the track record PMG and its funds have demonstrated over time.

“We are extremely pleased with the number of investors who have come on board and the feedback we have had about the quality of our offer and the acquisition properties, including the spread of income risk via multiple tenants, in various industries and the offer of a regular cashflow at an attractive rate.”

PMG’s Chairman of the Board Denis McMahon is impressed by the strong response to the offer, which had an accessible minimum investment threshold of 1,000 units ($1,090).

“When we launched PMG Generation Fund in 2020, the aim was to help more New Zealanders gain access to the benefits of investing in commercial property, providing regular income and the opportunity for good capital growth on their investment. This latest offer has certainly achieved this.”

Since its inception, PMG Generation Fund has delivered a gross cash distribution return of 5.80 cents per unit* to its original investors and has seen a significant increase in the value of its underlying property assets. With a forecast gross cash return of 5.5% p.a.**, paid monthly, this offer delivers an attractive passive income so investors can enjoy the lifestyle they love, well into the future.

  • Press Release dated August 4, 2021


* The Product Disclosure Statement for this closed offer can still be found on the PMG website. Property valuations stated as per the value of the most recent independent valuation report held by the Fund per property as at the date of the PDS. Please note, past performance is not an indication of future performance. Prospective investors are recommended to seek professional advice from a Financial Advice Provider who takes into account an investor’s personal circumstances. PMG, and members of the PMG Investor Relationships Team, do not provide advice.

** The forecast gross cash return is for the prospective period from 1 August 2021 to 31 March 2023. It is stated before tax, based on forecast gross distributions per annum expressed as a percentage of the expected unit issue price. Details on how the forecast gross cash return is calculated and the risks associated with an investment in PMG Generation Fund will be available in a Product Disclosure Statement, which, if an offer proceeds, will be made available free of charge from our website www.pmgfunds.co.nz

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