Give Back and Get Back Before March 31 2024


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Did you know that charitable donations made before 31 March 2024 qualify for a 33.3% tax credit this year, up to the amount of tax paid.

That makes the months of February and March a great time to give back to the region where you live. Many people will be working on their plans for the end of the financial year and considering their giving goals, making it a great time to consider becoming an Acorn Foundation donor. Our donors gain real pleasure from seeing their gifts at work.

Acorn Foundation Chair and Senior Partner at Findex Tauranga, Michelle Malcolm says, “We find that our clients have favourite causes that they love to support, and this time of year we remind them to give now to take advantage of this year’s 33.3% tax

We know that some advisors are uncomfortable beginning a giving conversation with their clients, unsure how this discussion might be taken. When appropriate, raising the subject of charitable giving provides a significant opportunity for your client and the community. The staff at the Acorn Foundation can help you frame the questions that ensures each client can fulfil their charitable goals.

Acorn has invaluable and in-depth knowledge about the local charities in our community that need support. Over the past 20 years, Acorn’s staff and volunteers have worked on important local issues and ensured their donors get the most out of their giving goals.

Everyone has a cause that they are passionate about, and the 33.3% tax credit this year provides a nice incentive to act before 31st March 2024.

For more information visit: www.acornfoundation.org.nz

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