Farmer Autovillage – Celebrating 30 years of excellence

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From small beginnings 30 years ago across the harbour on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Cameron Road, Farmer Autovillage has become a distinctive landmark, and the first stop for many motorists seeking a quality vehicle, backed by award winning service.

Back in 1991 when Peter Farmer first put up their Bay Nissan sign with a team of 12 in a city less than half the size of today’s, vehicle choices were a far cry from today’s options.

SUVs were unheard of and there were still plenty of British based models on the road.

European cars were exotic machines more common in the movies than on the roads.

But it was from those small beginnings today’s Farmer Autovillage sprung, to cover today’s full city block, employing a team of 170, retailing 13 quality vehicle brands with 600 vehicles under the one roof.

It only took two short years before Bay Nissan started a trend that continues to this day, collecting national dealership recognition by winning the Nissan Dealer of the Year award.

It was an award the business went on to collect seven more times on a most popular brand range.

Since taking over as group managing director in 2004 and over the next 10 years purchasing the majority shareholding, Mike Farmer can point proudly to multiple awards for service, performance and excellence across the entire brand range that have made Farmer Autovillage one of the most respected dealerships in the Southern Hemisphere.

The company has been an innovator from the start, including pioneering open weekends and a family friendly approach when looking at new cars to make car buying, or even just looking, something of a weekend activity.

The state-of-the-art Hewlett’s Road premises have also ensured a visit, whether for a service or a new vehicle, continues the group’s belief any visit should be an experience to enjoy.

“From those small beginnings 30 years ago, we have worked hard to retain values instilled in the business – ensuring we have a team of committed people who genuinely want to make their customers’ vehicle experience the most enjoyable possible, delivering an exceptionally high level of standard with integrity.

“That approach has served us well as we have grown through the years. We are particularly proud to have achieved this right here in Tauranga.

“I am convinced the next 30 years will bring even more change, more quickly than we have had as vehicle technology evolves and customers’ expectations with that – we are well positioned to meet those changes and deliver what our customers expect.”

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