Celebrating Women in Law

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When buying or selling a business, a property, or when it’s time to get personal affairs such as a Will organised, you’ll need legal advice. Getting it from a knowledgeable, no-nonsense solicitor who speaks in everyday terms can make the process so much easier. That’s what the all-female team at The Law Shop are all about.

Yes, you read that right. The Law Shop, with offices in Tauranga and Rotorua, is a firm of all women. It wasn’t set out to be that way when director Paula Lines took over the then Rotorua-based legal firm in September 2008. There was no plan in place to keep it ladies only. It just happened.

The other two directors at The Law Shop are Stephanie Northey, who joined Paula in 2014 and Sarsha Tyrrell who joined in 2017. Paula works in property and business law and Stephanie and Sarsha specialise in Family Law with Stephanie in the Rotorua office and Sarsha in the Tauranga office.

“We’re all for equality and don’t favour one over the other. In fact, the firm was originally owned by two men. We’ve had a couple of male lawyers join us, but they moved cities, which made the team all-female again,” Stephanie says.

“While we have a wide range of ages, family situations and backgrounds, all the women in our firm genuinely like each other and care about each other’s personal lives.

“There is no cattiness at all and professionally, we complement each other. We share work challenges, help out when someone is busy, and genuinely care what another team member was up to over the weekend. It’s a great environment!”

The Law Shop’s key point of difference is that they bring a holistic approach to legal matters.

Every situation is different, so the team carefully listens to the people behind the business or the issues, ask lots of questions, and then look at what it is they need.

“We pride ourselves in offering individuals and business owners with personable advice and take people’s whole life circumstances into account.

“Our culture is down to earth, informal, and friendly.

“The team genuinely cares about our clients, and it’s important to us to provide timely and accurate legal advice without the jargon, and at a fair price,” Stephanie says.

The Law Shop has a focus on clear and open communications, and work with a range of businesses, families, and

Feel free to contact them anytime and find out more.

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