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The Rotorua Business Chamber, in association with Te Arawa Covid Hub, is launching a campaign to encourage safer business operations within Rotorua City while the remainder of the outbreak runs its course. The chamber notes: “The reality is Covid-19 will run its course on the Un-Vaxxed, while the rest of the community gets on with it.”

The chamber is aiming for positive, proactive encouragement and assistance for businesses who are vaccinated. Also, to encourage all businesses to reach 100 percent vaccinated status as quickly as possible and practical. The campaign is about taking control of the community’s own future and creating certainty and confidence while the pandemic runs the remainder of its course.

The initiative includes:

Mobilization of the Rotorua Business community to become proactive with vaccination, and help take control of our own destiny.

We are setting up and promoting a “100 percent Vaxxed Club” of registered, vaccinated businesses, so customers know where they can most safely trade.

It is open to all businesses in Rotorua, including non-Chamber members.
The campaign is intended to be bright, positive, celebrating and promoting businesses who have achieved 100% double vaccinated status.

The Chamber will provide registered 100 percent Club members (free of charge) promotion material, which (so far) includes:

  • Branded “100 percent Vaxxed” shop windows stickers
  • Branded “100 percent Vaxxed” shop posters (A4)
  • Branded “100 percent Vaxxed” banners for business-place signage
  • Branded “100 percent Vaxxed” car window stickers
  • Branded “100 percent Vaxxed” digital logo to add to email signatures
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