Be benevolent in your business

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Any business looking to succeed should have some or all of the above suggestions imbued into any yearly plan.

Giving is good. Good for the soul and, surprising though it may it seem, good for your business. There is a growing trend among the most successful companies and organisations – without sacrificing profit and ever-valuable time – to incorporate an altruistic value and imperative into their organisation.

Giving may seem to go against the grain of what businesses exist for. However, if done correctly you will find that your generosity will come back in more ways than one. Before you go spilling trade secrets and emptying your bank accounts, let’s investigate how best you can incorporate a bit of giving into your business.

Empowering clients and customers is key to any successful relationship. Free, no-obligation meetings are a great way to demonstrate to any potential customer or client that they matter, and for everyone to understand whether they can work together. We live in an age where choice is plentiful. So what makes your product or service stand out among the others? Make a cost-free, no-obligation meeting a part of your company’s on boarding process.

Company-hosted events are a great way to interact with your client base and the public in general. Hosting a yearly low/no cost event that will provide value and information of interest can solidify trust in your brand and provide great opportunities to get in front of and engage with those you would like to work with, or work further with. Even better, link up with any businesses you work with and expand your invite list while sharing costs.

Despite how you may feel about social media, it can your best friend in business. What’s more, a well-executed plan can cost you nothing while providing a great space for your target market to find out more about what you do. Regular and relevant content is key, ensuring your online presence is insightful and engaging. Videos and images are a great way to stay in touch with your clients. Consider some regular industry updates too.

Year on year newspaper readership is up 12.9 percent, according to a Roy Morgan survey. As a trusted source for industry updates and general business discourse, writing a regular column or opinion piece can cement your position as a trusted figure in a crowded space. Pick topics that will leave readers more knowledgeable, ensure it is relevant but not too specific. You can’t assume readers are specialists in your field.

Any business looking to succeed should have some or all of the above suggestions imbued into any yearly plan. Doing so will ensure you exist for reasons other than just pure profit. If you are a business that exists for the betterment of the community and those within, this will come back in more ways than one to ensure you see success.

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Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill is advisory partner at BDO Rotorua and one of Rotorua’s leading business advisory coaches. Talk to Michelle and the team at BDO about how they can help you to achieve your business goals. Michelle can be reached on rotorua@bdo.co.nz or (07) 347 9087

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