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Paula Yakas, Adele Ransley, Machaela Forbes and Liz Yakas
A resilient evolution with new leadership and purposeful premises

In the dynamic legal landscape of Rotorua, The Law Shop, a well-known all-female legal team, has undergone significant transformations over the past year, heralding a new chapter in its esteemed history. Amidst these changes, the firm remains committed to its hallmark no-fuss approach to legal matters, coupled with a friendly and open communication style that has endeared it to clients over the years.

Owned by Paula Yakas since September 2008, The Law Shop has been a cornerstone of the Rotorua legal community, providing sound advice on a myriad of property-related and business matters. After briefly expanding its services in 2014 to include a family law team, the firm bid farewell to this chapter in 2023, returning to its roots and focusing on its core strengths – expert advice on residential and commercial property, relationship property, Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney, estates, buying and selling businesses, and all business matters.

In a pivotal move, senior solicitor Macheala Forbes has assumed a directorial role, bringing fresh energy and expertise to The Law Shop’s leadership. Simultaneously, the firm has embraced a change in premises, relocating away from the bustle of town to a thoughtfully designed office space that prioritises collaboration, efficiency, and enhanced client engagement. Situated in a landmark location with ample parking, this move symbolises The Law Shop’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for both its team and clients.

Specialising in business and property law, The Law Shop’s team navigates the complexities of the legal landscape, particularly in response to recent government changes affecting tax on home sales, investment property taxation, lending criteria adjustments, pre-approvals, and tenancy laws. The firm’s commitment to a holistic approach shines through, as its team actively listens to clients’ needs, asking pertinent questions and providing personable, individualised legal solutions.

The Law Shop takes pride in its robust team of experts who genuinely care about their clients. Their steadfast commitment to delivering timely and accurate legal advice, devoid of unnecessary jargon and at a fair price, remains unwavering. Clients can trust The Law Shop for a no-nonsense, solution-focused approach to their legal matters.

As The Law Shop embarks on this new chapter with revitalised leadership and purposeful premises, it steadfastly upholds its core values of client-centricity, inclusivity, and excellence in legal services. The all-female team, with their no-fuss attitude and friendly, open communication style, remains dedicated to navigating the complexities of legal matters. The Law Shop in Rotorua is poised to continue its legacy as a trusted legal partner, serving the Bay of Plenty region with unwavering dedication and expertise.

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