Protecting wealth and generating consistent returns during market uncertainty

In an era of economic volatility and market uncertainty, finding investment opportunities that provide consistent returns can be hard to come by. However, local company First Mortgage Trust (FMT) has managed to achieve this for over 27 years.

With their conservative investment strategy and stringent lending requirements, FMT has not only weathered the storms but has also managed to consecutively increase its investment return rate over the past five quarters and is anticipating further increases, which is good news for their investors.

CEO Paul Bendall says, “We strive to provide peace of mind investing. We want our investors to feel reassured their money is in steady hands. FMT has a great track record of providing consistent returns and in our 27 years of business no FMT investor has ever lost a cent of capital, even during the GFC and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Proven Track Record

This exceptional accomplishment is a testament to FMT’s disciplined approach, their risk management strategy, the expertise of their team, their local property market knowledge and their unwavering commitment to the preservation of investor capital.
Consistent Returns in Uncertain Times

FMT has demonstrated an impressive track record of delivering consistent returns, even in market uncertainty. This achievement can be attributed to their prudent and diversified investment strategy.

“We know these are uncertain times and people are cautious, especially when it comes to investing and deciding what to do with their nest egg and savings. Living costs and inflation are high and this can be hard for savers. We understand this and that’s why we are pleased to have been able to deliver increased investment returns for the last five quarters, and because of our consistent investment returns and the peace of mind we provide we’ve seen many of our investors invest more with us and recommend us to their friends and family,” says Paul.

Increased Investment Return Rate

FMT has showcased its expertise in wealth protection and generation by progressively increasing its investment return rate. Their March 2023 quarterly rate was a pre-tax return rate of 6.61% (annualised) which was well received by investors.

FMT’s head office is based in First Avenue in the CBD; they opened their doors in 1996 and now have offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. They are a non-bank lender and an active fund manager of the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and First Mortgage PIE Trust. This combination has enabled them to react quickly to market conditions that identify any areas of risk and areas of opportunity.

How FMT works

Investors invest in either Fund, then FMT lends the money out to Kiwis seeking property finance. FMT differs from some other investments as both funds are trusts. The trust structure means each fund is supervised by an independent supervisor. The supervisor plays an integral role in the governance of FMT and they have oversight of lending decisions. “This gives our investors confidence that their money is being managed well,“ says Paul.

The FMT lending and credit team have a thorough due diligence process for every loan application. If approved the lending team works with the borrowing clients to deliver a personalised, tailored solution which in turn delivers better outcomes for both borrowers and investors.

Helping locals

FMT’s loans are spread across the whole country and are diverse to ensure the loan book is of high quality. One of the local projects FMT recently financed was the Vantage mixed-use development on Cameron Road which created 27 apartments and commercial leases and is a welcome addition to Tauranga city.

FMT has been involved in many local projects ranging from small to large and across residential, retail, commercial, rural and industrial sectors, contributing to Tauranga’s prosperity.”

For many years, FMT has been involved with the Tauriko Business Estate, a significant commercial and industrial project that has already seen many businesses move into the business hub, attracting companies from around the country and Australia.

Today FMT has over 6,000 investors and numbers are steadily growing largely through referrals and recommendations.

If you are looking for an investment with consistent returns or property finance with a local team that understands the market, call on 0800 321 113 or visit fmt.co.nz

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
First Mortgage Managers Limited, the manager of the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and the First Mortgage PIE Trust, is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a manager of registered schemes and is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act 1989. Professional investment advice should be taken before making an investment. Product Disclosure Statements are available at fmt.co.nz

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