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Sarah Ashby
  • By Sarah Ashby – Wealth Management Adviser, Jarden

Having started my career in financial services back in 2005, I could never have anticipated where that career would take me. Early on, I was fortunate to participate in client meetings with Wealth Managers, an experience that ignited my passion in this field. It was then that I knew this was what I wanted to do. Over the years, I have taken opportunities leading me through various regions, roles, and firms, ultimately bringing me to my current position at Jarden in Tauranga.

I am passionate about working with clients to build investment portfolios that have real significance in their lives. I completed my MBA from the University of Waikato back in 2010 and my thesis focused on improving financial literacy, specifically in adult investment. This is a topic that is still front of mind for me today, emphasising the importance of empowering all Kiwis to understand and prioritise their financial goals. I am committed to sharing my knowledge to help others manage their wealth.

One of things I love best about my role is the opportunity to build relationships with clients. While some interactions involve one off transactions, the majority evolve into long-term relationships. Over time, I get to know my clients really well, understanding their investment needs as well as understanding who they are as people, and what makes them tick. I always look forward to client meetings and hearing about developments in their lives.

Another aspect of my job that I enjoy is portfolio construction, particularly building portfolios to withstand the test of time. Flexibility is important to consider, as any good financial plan should adapt to changing personal circumstances. I really enjoy the process of selecting assets and tailoring them to each client’s unique profile.

As the decades roll on, the financial landscape is always evolving and becoming more complex, with more things to consider when planning our financial future. Managing cash, income, and expenses now extends to considerations such as KiwiSaver accounts, retirement planning investments, direct bonds and shares, and real estate, both residential and commercial to name a few. I love guiding my clients through the financial landscape, and helping to ensure it all makes sense and that they understand there is a reason for everything they do.

Being part of the team introducing Jarden to Tauranga fills me with pride. Engaging with the community, I enjoy sharing insights into who we are at Jarden, our mission, and the approach we take. It is my pleasure to contribute to fostering awareness and understanding of our role within financial services.

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