HIGH PERFORMANCE: The ‘Titan of Tauranga’ secret revealed

Freddie Bennett

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Less than three years ago, Freddie Bennett arrived in Tauranga with no contacts, no network and no business to lead. Today, he owns New Zealand’s most powerful – and most exclusive – mastermind networking group. Discover the secret behind his meteoric rise from addiction and depression to Guinness World Record holder, adventurer, and leading the private members group that everybody wants to join… but nobody talks about.

“Can you keep a secret?” Freddie smiles conspiratorially. “I’m on a heroic quest. Nothing exists like this in New Zealand. A mastermind group full of remarkable people sharing once-in-lifetime experiences, learning unique lessons in secret places.”

It sounds like a far-fetched dream that’s impossible to deliver. But ‘impossible’ is what Freddie Bennett does best.

Proving the doubters wrong

Freddie learned about decision-making when a drug-dealer held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Living in the UK, his life appeared perfect: He had a young family, a Porsche on the driveway, a Rolex on the wrist and a successful career advising the executive teams of brands such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, Heineken, Kuwait Petroleum and many more.

But underneath the surface, Freddie’s life was falling apart. A potent mix of stress, and overwhelming imposter syndrome led to anxiety, depression, and substance addiction.

Freddie became disillusioned at living an unfulfilled existence.

“I was someone I didn’t recognise”, he explains. “I felt trapped in this life of quiet desperation. And I felt guilty because I knew I had so much that I should be grateful for, which just made me feel even more stuck. I was unfit, overweight, addicted, suicidal and one bad decision away from fully burning-out and blowing-up my life.”

Then, at 36, Freddie watched his father die suddenly and brutally before his eyes, and it gave him the wake-up call he needed.

“My dad’s death made me realise I was wasting my life, wasting my potential and wasting time. I was a seven-figure leader at work. But I wasn’t a seven-figure husband. I wasn’t a seven-figure father. I didn’t have seven-figure habits and I certainly didn’t have a seven-figure body”.

Nobody believed Freddie could change his ways – he’d tried and failed so many times before. But he embarked on what he called ‘a heroic quest’ to prove to himself – and to the world – what he was capable of.

Completing the world’s toughest footrace – 300km unsupported across the scorching Sahara Desert in six days; breaking Guinness World Records; winning ultramarathons; running 100 miles non-stop through the wilderness; completing Ironman races; publishing a bestselling book; launching a globally acclaimed podcast and much more.

This led him to be featured by media such as the BBC, Men’s Health magazine, the Daily Mail and invited to the United Nations as a mindset and resilience advisor.

Then an opportunity to move to Aotearoa arose, and Freddie embraced the challenge. Despite never visiting the country before, and with no business, no support network, no contacts and no friends, he was determined to make a difference.

Freddie hustled, knocked on doors and focused on serving others, and quickly built a successful business working with accountancy and advisory firms to give their teams the knowledge, mindset and habits to create client revenue ‘on demand’.

“But I knew I could do more”, Freddie states. “I wanted to create something that nobody has ever done. Something that would give bold, talented kiwis access to a powerful network full of remarkable people who could help them achieve amazing fulfilment, combined with unforgettable experiences”.

So he chose to make the impossible dream a reality…and shoot for the stars.

Aiming high

Freddie created ‘Titan Sky’: A secret mastermind group for individuals who have already experienced an element of business and financial success but feel like something is missing from their lives.

What exactly is a ‘Mastermind’ group?

“The concept of a Mastermind group was introduced by Napoleon Hill”, he explains. “It’s formed by bringing a small, select group of talented individuals together to learn, grow and expand their businesses, minds and lives.

This was inspired by Hill’s many conversations with the highly successful business magnate, Andrew Carnegie, who attributed his entire fortune and success to his Mastermind group. I wanted to bring the concept to New Zealand”.

Freddie has gone to great lengths to ensure Titan Sky is not another networking group: This is about bringing truly successful and elite individuals together in private to excel in all areas of their lives, indulge in truly memorable experiences and make powerful connections.

“As a newcomer to Tauranga – and to New Zealand – I had to do the rounds of the usual networking groups. I saw the same people promoting themselves in the same old way, at the same old meetings in the same old places drinking the same old terrible coffee.”

“I was looking for a network that would enrich my life. What we currently have made me emotionally, spiritually and financially poorer. And worst of all…I felt like these groups were wasting my most precious resource: Time”

So when Freddie couldn’t find what he was looking for, he created it. The Titan Sky mastermind was born. But instead of shouting it from the rooftops, he did everything he could to keep it a secret. Until now.

Few are chosen

In a world where everyone is fighting for attention, Freddie wants to keep Titan Sky under the radar.

“Success comes from subtraction”, he says. “I don’t want the world to know about Titan Sky. This won’t be for everyone, and that’s just the way it should be.”

So who is likely to become a member?

“We invite applications from people who feel like their edge in life has been dulled. They might not feel truly recognised or fulfilled, despite the sacrifices they’ve made over the years. Individuals who want to join Titan Sky often are often eager to regain their ‘lost’ strength, spirit and energy and or can’t remember when they last felt truly challenged or alive. And most of all, they must be excited by the prospect of powerful conversations with remarkable people in secret places.”

For those who do make it inside, a truly memorable experience awaits.

“Members of Titan Sky will make deals, make memories and make their lives count for something more”, Freddie says.

“This is about sharing experiences with truly powerful experts, leaders and masters of their fields while rediscovering their ‘true’ self, in terms of health, fitness and relationships, and to be held accountable for excelling in this area of their lives.”

A different set of rules

Freddie has gone to great lengths to ensure Titan Sky delivers a business, personal and developmental experience like no other.

Privacy and secrecy within the group are paramount. Rather than sending standard emails and calendar invites to the bi-monthly meetings, members receive information via hand-written, wax-sealed letters.

The mastermind also has a strict ‘no conference centre’ rule. (“Meeting rooms are where inspiration goes to die”, Freddie says). Titan Sky members convene in locations such as maximum security prisons, the stage of a closed opera house, cutting-edge tech labs and military bases.

The exact location is kept a secret until the day of the meeting, and Freddie gives a guarantee that Titan Sky members will get a transformative experience, a life lesson and a story to tell that will never be forgotten.

It’s bold. It’s brash. It’s ambitious. It’s disruptive. And that’s exactly how Freddie likes it.
“I want to make Tauranga stand out, not just in New Zealand, but across the world”, Freddie states. “You don’t stand out by aiming for mediocrity or reinventing the wheel”.

Is he worried that the five-figure annual membership fee will put people off?

“That’s the plan”, Freddie replies. “I’m hoping 99% of people don’t want to apply. As Groucho Marx once said: I wouldn’t want to be part of any club that would welcome me as a member. But for the 1%…you will experience something money cannot buy.”

Freddie’s vision for Titan Sky is certainly bold, and potentially impossible. But for someone who enjoys making the impossible happen…it appears the sky’s the limit.

Titan Sky has no website. Membership applications are made in writing. Contact can be made by emailing hello@freddiembennett.com

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