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The Tauranga team at Emerald Business Advisers
Valerie Rowe-Mitchell, who operates one of the region’s most successful business advisory firms, Emerald Business Advisers Limited, regularly sees a pattern at the start of the calendar year:

“The January-February period is often a difficult time from a cashflow perspective – our thinking is often retrospective: ‘I had plenty of cash in November, and now, come February, I’m really feeling the squeeze on cashflow.’ ”

Valerie emphasises the importance of a comprehensive annual plan, adopting what she terms a “helicopter view.” This approach, though daunting for some, is grounded in her philosophy: “If you don’t know where you’re heading, you’ll likely end up off course.”

She encourages business owners to envisage their business’s future over the next 12 months, considering aspects like customer growth, staff expansion, revenue increases, or maybe even starting a new venture. This broader perspective distinguishes Valerie and her team at Emerald Business Advisers from conventional accounting services.

“There’s a typical, often unfavourable view of accountants,” she observes.  We aim to redefine this perception by being helpful, knowledgeable, and technologically savvy.”

Valerie advocates for a broader approach beyond mere financials. “Focusing solely on this month’s numbers is insufficient. Our philosophy is to engage in proactive questioning and planning, addressing the broader objectives and ambitions of business owners.”

Valerie believes that now is a good time to ‘sit down and take stock’. This often means encouraging clients to appreciate how far they have actually come and get excited about the future!

“We proudly acknowledge the resilience and innovation displayed by many of our clients, who have successfully navigated through the challenges of Covid-19, economic upheavals, and the climate events of 2023.”

As an accountant, she feels passionately that her role is not simply to generate the financials and formulate strategies; it is also to empower her clients as individuals.

Valerie’s approach is holistic: “Your own happiness is a crucial part of the planning equation – if you’re low on energy how can you be a good business operator and achieve success if other parts of your life are weighing you down?”

Valerie’s role is supportive and affirming: “I’m here to reassure clients that they can achieve their goals, and I’m willing to provide guidance every step of the way.”

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