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7 Years of Progress

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Since 2007, the ABC Business Sales Tauranga office has been aiding the Bay of Plenty’s Business ecosystem to thrive by matching business owners looking to exit their businesses, with new investors hungry to get a piece of the region’s growth.

Having sold over 250 businesses across the Bay of Plenty, ABC Tauranga has seen first-hand the demand Local and Overseas investors have for quality businesses in our region.

ABC Tauranga’s Managing Partner, Linda Harley says, “A key part of our sales system is getting the right fit. The buyer is not just a transaction, they have to be right for the business, and the community.”

It’s this dedication to their clients and the community which earned ABC Tauranga the REINZ Small Business Brokerage Office of the Year in 2022, after being the runner-up in 2021.

“We see a huge number of people from across the country looking for quality businesses that want to relocate to the region. The lifestyle and culture that we offer in the Bay of Plenty attracts a wide range of purchasers, having a substantial impact on population growth and the strength of our economy,” says Business Broker Warren Chamberlin.

The key to success for ABC over the last 16 years, has been understanding the diverse nature of the Bay of Plenty’s Business community and having specialist brokers with a deep industry knowledge.

With brokers specialising in childcare, logistics, hospitality and agriculture, the team of five hold extensive nationwide networks that aid their vendors in getting the best value for their business.

This has earned the Tauranga office ABC’s branch of the year for the last two years running. “We are a region with a wide range of primary and secondary industries, supported by the Port, which allow a number of opportunities for small and medium businesses to thrive,” says Linda Harley.

Linda Harley who specialises in childcare businesses nationwide, is a prime example of the importance of industry expertise as she became the first woman to win the REINZ Business Broker Salesperson of the Year in 2021 and the following year, 2022.

“I’ve been a finalist in this category for several years so I’m also personally proud to be recognised for the dedication and skill I bring to the profession.

“To be the first woman to achieve this, in what is a very male-dominated profession, is an added bonus and hopefully an inspiration to other women in the industry,” says Harley.

“As business brokers, our role is to connect quality businesses with people looking to enjoy the financial benefits of being a business owner. Whether they are first-time buyers, professional investment groups, or trade players, there is always demand for quality businesses,” says Broker Murray Kidd.

The future for ABC Tauranga is bright as the region continues expanding and more opportunities arise for business owners to make their mark on the region.

“Our priority is people. Exiting and purchasing a business can be very stressful and we look forward to continuing to deliver value for the business community across the Bay of Plenty.”

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