Car Sharing Will Change How Businesses Operate Their Car Fleets

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Signing your business up to an electric vehicle (EV) car sharing service can offer several benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider it:

Cost savings: Electric vehicles generally have lower operating costs compared to traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. EVs have fewer moving parts, require less maintenance, and have lower fuel costs. By utilising an EV car sharing service, your business can potentially reduce expenses associated with vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance. You will only be paying for the actual use of the vehicle, so further reducing your costs compared with owning, parking and maintaining your own vehicles.

Flexibility and convenience: Car sharing programs offer flexibility in terms of vehicle availability and usage. Instead of maintaining a fleet of vehicles that may be underutilised, you can access a shared pool of electric vehicles when needed. This arrangement provides convenience, and saves space and resources typically required for parking and storing company-owned vehicles. Rather than be restricted to the specific vehicles in your own fixed fleet, you will have access to a range of sizes, features and prices to match your requirement for each trip.

Environmental sustainability: Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing your company’s carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment. By embracing EV car sharing, you can align your business with sustainable practices and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Employee satisfaction and morale: Offering access to electric car sharing can be a desirable benefit for employees. It promotes sustainable commuting options and reduces the reliance on personal vehicles. Employees may appreciate the convenience, cost savings, and eco-friendly aspects, enhancing overall job satisfaction and morale.

Public image and branding: Supporting sustainable practices can positively impact your organisation’s public image and brand perception. Embracing EV car sharing highlights your commitment to reducing emissions and supporting clean transportation solutions. It can attract environmentally conscious customers, clients, and partners who value companies that prioritise sustainability.

If you’re not sure where to start on your transition to EV car sharing, your first step would be to sign up your team with a business account, and provide each staff member with a personal login to book and access cars from their smartphones. With GoTo Car Share there is no obligation to hire once you have signed up, but this process alone will start the conversation within your organisation and familiarise your staff with a booking app, the booking process and how to access cars.

You can continue to use your existing fleet or other transport options, in the knowledge that there is a car available on demand for peak times, for trips outside of your normal range or vehicle capability, to lower the cost of a particular trip, or to avoid the reimbursement process and potential risks of using employee’s private cars for business use.

As your team becomes more familiar with car sharing, you may find you are able to lower your investment in vehicles, reduce leased car parking and vehicle maintenance costs, and increase your car share utilisation.

If you would like to discuss your move to car sharing or find out more about GoTo Car Share contact Steven Vincent today at goto.nz


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