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The impact of Covid-19 has been felt by people, businesses and communities around New Zealand, including the many businesses and organisations who call the Bay of Plenty home.

We’re really proud to be based in this vibrant region, where around 80 percent of New Zealand’s kiwifruit is grown.

Alongside our growers and the wider kiwifruit industry, the Bay is made up of thousands of businesses who take pride in the high-quality goods and services they share, and who are contributing to the overall success of one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing regions.

Our region has grown together, and our joint sense of community, passion for our beautiful environment and commitment to looking out for one another is shared by Zespri and our industry.

It’s evident in the way the region pulled together to ensure that essential services like ours were able to safely operate this season – an effort that reflects the strengths of our collaborative industry approach and the support we continue to receive within the region.

The Bay is also home to a number of incredible local organisations who care for so many of our residents who need assistance. Their dedication to helping others is inspiring, and they are a major contributor to our region’s success and sense of community.

As a proud resident of the Bay, Zespri is delighted to partner with outstanding local community groups like Surf Live Saving New Zealand, the Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust, Good Neighbour, and Youth Search and Rescue, who all do incredible work in our wider community.

And it’s in challenging times like those we face today with the ongoing threat and disruption from Covid-19, that we’re reminded of how important it is to continue to be there for one another.

That’s why we’ve increased the support we’re offering community groups this year, reflecting our purpose of helping people, communities and the environment thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit.

The industry will provide increased financial support and donate 100 tonnes of nutritious kiwifruit to food rescue and charity organisations across New Zealand and throughout our growing regions this season.

It’s one way we can say thanks for the continued support of our industry and an acknowledgement that as we grow, so too must the contribution we make to our communities.

So, on behalf of Zespri, thank you to all of the local and national charities who continue to support New Zealanders in need, and who are providing many families with quality fresh and healthy food.

We’re proud to be working with you, and look forward to making even greater contributions in the years ahead as our industry continues to grow.


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