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Win a $20,000 prize to boost your business

Our local businesses are vital to the recovery of Bay of Plenty’s economy.

During the Covid-19 restrictions our small business owners have shown initiative, hard work and resilience to keep afloat.

But many have been hit hard. We need to give them as much support as possible.

Local businesses create jobs that help us pay mortgages and keep food on the table. They provide us goods and services which means we don’t have to drive elsewhere to shop for what we need.

They help our local shopping strips feel vibrant hubs for our community, where we meet friends, pick up a coffee.

Shopping local brings us all greater benefit. It’s about more than the product or service you buy. It’s about keeping the money you spend in the local economy, and keeping it working to help us all.

Local businesses are generous sponsors of local events, clubs and charities.

That is why Stuff and 2degrees Business are launching Shop Local.

They first ran Shop Local last year in the regions and were delighted with how many businesses put their hand up to be considered for the competition.

Now they are extending it to the Bay of Plenty, along with Auckland and Waikato.

2degrees Business are offering five $20,000 advertising packages to help businesses stay on top of whatever challenges Covid-19 has thrown them.

They could be your local favourite shop. A judging panel will decide on four of the winning businesses and a fifth winner will be decided through a people’s choice vote.

If you shop at a great local business, make sure you encourage them to enter. Any business can put their name in by going to 2degrees.nz/ShopLocal.

2degrees Chief Business Officer Andrew Fairgray says they are behind Shop Local because: “We know local businesses are at the heart of where we live and give our community its distinctive spirit.

“This is a great opportunity for a local business to raise their profile and get some tangible help in $20,000 worth of marketing and advertising. It also gives us the opportunity to celebrate the positive, hardworking business and encourage the local community to shop locally,” he says.

“We know it’s tough out there for business owners – now more than ever. Many of the business owners we’re talking to tell us it’s like a catch 22 – they need to get the word out to get more customers in the door, but cashflow is tight”

“I know small business owners have a lot on their plate right now and this is a way for them to get one more thing ticked off their to do list, on us.

“We’ve made sure the application process is simple and straightforward so as many businesses as possible can enter,” Fairgray says.

“2degrees has been fighting for fair for Kiwi businesses for many years. We’ve got a NZ based call centre and a great range of products and services that allow business owners to get on with doing what they do best – running their business.”

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