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What makes a good IT Managed Service Provider? – And why do organisations need them?

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When we think of technology, we often think of the devices, applications and systems we use daily, to simplify our lives and keep us connected to the world. We view it as the means that drives innovation, productivity and efficiency. And we have become so accustomed to it being readily available that the standard thought is simply “it just needs to work”

The accelerated growth of technology has provided a platform that profoundly impacts a business’ daily operations. From automation and productivity to communication and collaboration. With advancements in tech, SME’s can level the playing field with larger organisations. From most aspects, technology is exciting. It opens doors, streamlines processes and provides tools to scale our business. It literally put’s the world at our fingertips. And when we have the right hardware, systems and software in place, our business can be limitless.

But what happens when the tech we so heavily rely on, doesn’t work? What if your business was to lose access to all your data and systems today? What is the cost to your business if you have a total IT blackout for 8 hours, or a week? And more notably, have you given thought to what the severity of disruption and reputational damage to your organisation would be in such an instance? If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that, a solid network infrastructure and IT platform is pivotal to a business’s success.

The ever changing landscape of IT and the intensifying topic of cyber security requires a careful and considered approach and up to date knowledge of advancements, which is where the advantage of having a Managed Service Provider comes in to play. Your MSP should act as an extension of your team, provide great value, and help your organisation succeed. Choosing the right MSP to partner with, helps shape the future of your business, so it’s important to know what to look for.

Stratus Blue – a ‘Perpetual Beta’

Stratus Blue is a local MSP – we embrace the mindset of “Perpetual Beta” a term that is used to describe an organisation that operates with a strong feedback loop between customer and organisation. Our internal philosophy is based on the idea, that to become the leaders in our industry, we need to be continuously listening, learning and adapting. So, we frequently ask ourselves: “are we meeting that benchmark of a great MSP?”

Like most service businesses, our “benchmark” is set by the needs of our customers. Organisations choose to partner with us because we provide a customisable solution that meets their needs. We understand that as a partner to our clients it is our duty to provide them with experience, expertise, the latest tech knowledge and resources that allow for greater accuracy and reduced risks and liabilities. We want our clients to be able to focus on their core business – such as direction, strategies, and growth while we ensure they have the best practice IT framework in place.

Above all, we foster the care for our people. Both internally and with each business we are engaged with. We believe what sets us apart, are the PEOPLE that make Stratus Blue, and the culture of genuine care and connection for the businesses we partner with. It has enabled us to become a business that grows organically, through referrals and reputation.

We are humbled at the support we get from many notable organisations who put their trust in us, it is their feedback and success that drives us to strive for continuous improvement, and to never stop asking ourselves “What makes a good MSP?”

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