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Insuring your business recovery post lockdown

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What do businesses need to know about insurance to successfully navigate the economic times ahead?

Levi: It’s important for business owners to have honest and open conversations with their brokers. The more we understand about your business and its critical risks the better we can find a solution.

Paul: Many businesses will be going through substantial changes. A reduction in assets, lower turnover and profit margins or a change in products and services. If your broker suggests cover should just be ‘rolled over’ or ‘renewed as expiring’ they are simply not doing their job.

Rob: Insurance is a reactive marketplace. Having a proactive broker in your corner means they can work with you to modify your cover, ensuring that the protection remains relevant and cost effective.

What are your plans to navigate these waters?

Rob: Our business model is based on quality advice, service and value for money. We talk to our customers about their unique risks and present them with a variety of options to off-set them via a range of insurance products.

Paul: We dedicate quality time to each customer and complete a detailed review of their past, present and future needs. Then we engage with numerous providers to generate competition for their business.

Levi: When you look after your customers, everything else takes care of itself. Our commitment over the coming months is to help each customer as much as possible. Our clients have unique businesses and we believe they should be treated as such. They deserve the best quality advice, service and value we can offer.

What are you doing differently?

Paul: Our major difference is that we are actively involved with and help customers through the entire claim process. We each manage our own customer portfolio but we can call on the skills and experiences of each other. Between us we have over 50 years of insurance experience and a range of generational viewpoints.

Levi: Everything we do is customer centric. There is no hard sale from any of us. It’s about allowing customers to make informed decisions.

Rob: The one thing we are lacking is a bit of gender diversity, which is something we are actively looking to address in the coming months.

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