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Always plan for the unexpected

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Covid-19 has taught us that you should always expect the unexpected in business. Plan for it and disrupt your business before something else does.

Many businesses do not even have a good website, and it is so vital in these times to boost marketing and showcase who you are as a business.

Your email address must be your own brand as it looks professional and re-enforces the brand identity.

Even a well done single-page website can look awesome, get the message across and persuade clients to do business with you.

Technology is so flexible so it is easy allow people to book and pay for appointments online, automatically put that in calendars, to develop new ideas and features, or to setup eCommerce shops that are easy to manage and affordable.

We are scaling up, taking on more local freelancers to help us meet the demand and developing new systems and products to service the full spectrum of business needs. eCommerce sales during lockdown almost doubled and this is going to be great for eCommerce in future as many more people are now familiar with ordering online.

We expect to see this lead to a general increase in eCommerce activity in future.

In tough times business has to stick together and stay local. We are going to invest in our Second Mile brand and work with businesses.

Together we can get through whatever lies ahead and all come out of the other side with better business, better lifestyles and better lives.

Visit us at www.secondmile.co.nz, phone 0800 959 000 or email info@secondmile.co.nz

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