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Tauranga Audiology independent and locally owned

Tauranga Audiology is locally owned by Audiologist Michael Coddington. We are an independent clinic, which means we are not part of a chain and do not belong to a hearing aid manufacturer.

We recommend from a wide range of choice, often at more reasonable prices.

Frontline staff form an expert team providing prompt excellent service.

Audiologist Paul Daniell was originally from Hamilton, and had experience working in Australia before deciding to move closer to home.

He enjoys working for Tauranga Audiology because he can use his professional expertise without bias, giving his absolute best to every client.

There is a wide range of hearing aids on the market and certainly not all are created equal.

The problem people have in hearing is in background noise, in groups, communicating with family, on the phone and listening to TV.

Modern discreet hearing aids use directional microphones to enhance the voice you are listening to and cut down competing voices.

Different brands use different digital strategies, such as searching the room for voices, or focusing on the person in front of you. Many can connect wirelessly to TV, or handsfree to cell phones.

A recent development is hearing aids we can program remotely using an app on your cell phone. During lockdown we were able to adjust a clients’ hearing aids while he was in Australia – although we prefer seeing clients in person and enjoy their company!

We even have hearing aids that can translate 27 languages, help with health and monitor for falls, adjust differently when are sitting down or walking, or can analyse your listening environment (based on the experience of thousands of users.

What is your priority? Perhaps you just want to hear. We will give you honest advice for your situation, without pressure.

Call us today. Experience the difference and improve your lifestyle – phone 07 577 6712.

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