First Aid business PracMed NZ – a COVID recovery success story


PracMed NZ is a Tauranga based business providing realistic First Aid training to the public and businesses. PracMed was growing strongly until Covid-19 hit. Suddenly, they had no income, no leads coming in and had to refund courses – it was grim.

They, like many other business owners had no idea how or where to start to keep things rolling during the lockdown period.  It could have been a game-ender for the PracMed NZ team.

Luckily, they received a Covid Business Support grant via the Regional Business Partners Scheme and partnered with Phil Holland from Love Your Business.

This resulted in PracMed coming out of the lockdown in a far stronger position. Co-owner, Steph Davies said the company had bounced back, with many of its processes and structures far ahead of where they had planned.

“Rather than focusing on the big, impossible tasks, Phil has kept our attention on low hanging fruit, which lead to those big tasks, and as such we’ve achieved a remarkable amount in a short amount of time,” says Davies.

Since the lockdown ended, the PracMed team has rescheduled their courses and sold out 3 of 8 courses.

They have created several other partnerships and lead generation tools and are working on some big initiatives that have come from the Business Coaching during the lockdown period.

Due to this, they have engaged another two trainers to cope with the growing demand and are feeling extremely confident about the future growth of the PracMed team.

For more info visit www.pracmednz.com


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