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2degrees network comes of age

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    • $1b total investment in mobile and broadband offering
    • Ericsson announced as 5G partner for 2degrees bring world-class expertise
    • 5G network build to launch in late 2021

One billion dollars. That’s how much 2degrees has invested in its network since the telco opened its doors in 2009. And with the recent announcement of Ericsson as its 5G partner, 2degrees will offer even more to Kiwis from late 2021.

2degrees Chief Technology Officer Martin Sharrock says many Kiwis will be surprised to learn how far the network has come, with most still having fond (though out of date) memories of 2degrees as a start-up.

“Most Kiwis are unaware how much we’ve grown. We have our sights set on delivering New Zealand’s best 5G network, on top of the $1b we’ve already invested in our nationwide mobile and broadband offering.

“We started replacing the core of our network in 2020 and we can now accelerate the build out of 5G with planned upgrades to existing sites. Ericsson is a global leader in mobile communications technology, and they will help us to bring New Zealanders a world-class 5G network,” says Mr Sharrock.

“We’re excited about 5G and we’re aiming to have our first sites live in Auckland and Wellington during 2021. The network will expand to the other main centres, with plans for 700 sites.”

In addition to enabling the 5G network build, partnering with Ericsson will allow 2degrees to double its current 4G capacity and provide an event better customer experience, backup up by 100% Kiwi-based customer care.

“To be able to evolve our network to 5G, we’ll also be getting in and replacing the heart
of our network so every one of our mobile customers will benefit,” he said.

Sharrock was keen to point out other improvements to the 2degrees 3G / 4G network and said a myth he is keen to bust is that old fashioned idea that 2degrees still uses a competitor network to top up its services, which is no longer the case.

“Our new infrastructure agreement was signed last year and roll out of that is just wrapping up. It signals the end of the idea of roaming and will ensure all our customers will receive ‘the full 2degrees experience’, especially in rural areas or on regional roads.”

That means that with almost 1800 sites, the 2degrees mobile network now covers 98.5% of places Kiwi’s live and work. The network was recently rated first for ‘most responsive network’ and first equal for its ‘excellent consistent quality’ by Tutela.

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