How to protect and grow your nest egg

While it’s known that investing is a great way to get ahead, when you’re considering investing, it can feel like there are too many options to choose from… so much so that it can seem overwhelming.
Paul Bendall

Do you opt for a conservative bank term deposit knowing that your nest egg can be locked away for an extended period, do you invest in shares to try and time the market, or is an investment in property the answer, despite the current high interest rates for borrowing and the tenancy challenges it may present?

Not only can it be hard to choose the right option, but the entire investment industry can seem full of complicated jargon, with many options requiring skills, data, time, and expertise. To top it off, some companies require you to have a huge lump sum before you can even get started and then they lock up your money, making it difficult to access funds when you need them.

If you’ve got a nest egg and are looking for investment options, then First Mortgage Trust (FMT) could be for you.

Why more than 6,500 Investors Choose FMT:

Easy to understand

FMT’s investment model pools your funds with those of others, with FMT actively managing the fund to ensure it works hard for you without undue risk. They do this primarily by providing loans to NZ property owners seeking finance on a first mortgage basis. Income is derived from these loans and distributed or reinvested quarterly (after fees, expenses, and tax are deducted) based on your preference.

Consistent and steady returns

FMT is renowned for protecting capital and providing consistent, steady returns. The Risk Indicator rating at FMT is 1 (on a scale from 1 to 7), indicating a low level of risk with stable returns. It’s important to note that no investment is completely risk-free. The Risk Indicator is a tool introduced by the Government to assist investors in understanding the volatility of returns from different managed funds. FMT has earned the rating of 1 by delivering consistent returns. They have never lost any investor’s capital ever and while past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, FMT is proud of its track record and committed to maintaining it.

New Zealand owned, operated, and focused

Living, working, and investing here means the FMT team know the markets and trends firsthand. Additionally, their skilled team of experts undertake their own research, leverage their networks, and seek advice from industry experts as required.
Quickly accessible funds

Unlike mainstream bank term deposits, your money isn’t locked away for a specific term. FMT provides a simple withdrawal process that normally makes your funds available within a few days.

Friendly and personable

At FMT, they operate an 0800 number with ‘real people’ who can provide the answers you need, when you need them.

Trusted by thousands of New Zealanders

Some investors have been with them since they started in 1996 and testify to investment returns that continue to please.

Simple to get started and easy to maintain

It’s simple to get started, and you only need a minimum requirement of $500 to get underway. Thereafter, minimum top-up investments of $100 (or more) can be made via lump sums or as regular contributions to suit you and your investment goals.

CEO Paul Bendall says, “We strive to provide peace of mind in investing. We want our investors to feel reassured that their money is in steady hands.

“We know these are uncertain times, and people are cautious, especially when it comes to investing and deciding what to do with their nest egg and savings. Living costs and inflation are high, which can be hard for savers. We understand this, and that’s why we are pleased to have delivered consistent investment returns. Because of our track record and the peace of mind we provide, many of our investors invest more with us and recommend us to their friends and family.”

To learn more about investing with FMT, visit fmt.co.nz or give their friendly team a call on 0800 321 113.

First Mortgage Managers Limited is the issuer of the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and the First Mortgage PIE Trust and is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act 1989. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are not guaranteed. The Product Disclosure Statements are available at fmt.co.nz

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